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Established since 2004, Wellspring Medical Supplies Co.,Ltd. exports a wide range of disposable medical products worldwide. Our philosophy is to create the best value for our customers by supplying products with good quality and cost-effectiveness.

Our products and services mainly include, but not limited to
Disposable Syringes, Disposable Insulin Syringes, Disposable Safety Syringes, Disposable Irrigation Syringes, Disposable Scalp Vein Sets, Disposable Safety Scalp Vein Sets, Disposable Fistula Needle (AVF needle), Disposable Hypodermic Needles, Disposable Infusion Sets, Disposable Blood Collection Sets, Disposable Safety Blood Collection Sets, Disposable Blood transfusion Sets, Disposable Extension Tubeings, Disposable 3-way Stopcocks, Disposable Urine Bags, Enteral Feeding bag sets, Disposable Specimen Cups, Vaginal Speculum,  PVC film, Gauzes, etc. Mold building and source service.

Quality is what we never compromise. To ensure that the products we provide to the customers is kept in a consistent level of high quality, at our plant we maintained rigorous and efficient quality management system (QMS) in conformity with ISO and CE standard.

We focus great attention on the development of new product since we know that our competitive strength come from constant product innovation.

In addition, we keep extensive connections and good relations with other local manufacturers, which enables us to meet diversified sourcing requirements of our customers.

Dear customers, we greatly appreciate your attention to us and duly undertake to deliver excellent products and services worthy of your valuable trust.

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